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What Happens During LASIK Surgery

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For those considering improving their vision without the need for glasses or contacts, LASIK eye surgery is a popular choice. You may be wondering exactly what happens during and after this simple procedure with Feinerman Vision Center, so read on to find out more!

What Happens During LASIK Eye Surgery

You were thrilled when your eye doctor approved you as a LASIK candidate and are already dreaming of going swimming without having to squint to see the faces of your friends and family, and now it’s surgery day. What happens next?

How Long Does LASIK Take?

The LASIK procedure is usually finished in about 30 minutes but can be completed in less time.

Where Will You Sit During LASIK?

Don’t worry, at Feinerman Vision Center we are here to make sure you’re comfortable during your LASIK experience. You’ll be able to lie back in a reclining chair.

What if You’re Really Nervous?

This is something you will already have discussed with your eye doctor, most likely during your consultation or when scheduling your procedure date. If you are prone to anxiety or are feeling particularly nervous, your doctor may have already prescribed you medication to help you relax. You’re going to be just fine!

Time To Get Started

Your surgeon will first place numbing drops in your eyes before using an instrument that prevents blinking during your LASIK laser eye surgery procedure. You will be directed to focus on a point of light in order to minimize movement while the LASIK laser reshapes your cornea. Some patients report an odor while the laser reshapes the cornea. This can be caused by removing corneal tissue.

Your vision may dim slightly during the next step. Your surgeon will place a suction ring on the surface of your eye before they cut the corneal flap. You may feel some pressure when this happens.

Next, your laser eye surgeon will cut a small, hinged flap away from the front of your eye using a small blade or cutting laser. Doing so gives your qualified LASIK eye surgeon access to the part of your cornea that needs to be reshaped to achieve the desired vision results.

The next step involves a programmed laser your LASIK eye surgeon uses to achieve reshaping the cornea. Each pulse of the beam removes a small section of corneal tissue. Once this step is completed, your LASIK surgeon will lay the flap made in the first step back in place.  Stitches are usually not needed.

If you are having both eyes done to achieve your vision goals, it will most likely be done right after your LASIK eye surgeon finishes his or her work on your first eye.

Ready to schedule your LASIK eye surgery to discuss your options with one of the experienced surgeons at Feinerman Vision Center? Give us a call! We look forward to working with you to achieve your vision goals.

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