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4 Reason Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Get LASIK

If you have spent most of your life wearing glasses or contacts, you may be itching to get rid of them. We don’t blame you — prescription eyewear can be inconvenient and just downright annoying for a number of reasons. Fortunately, March is here which means spring isn’t too far off. And if you have […]

Cataracts and Depression May Be Related, According to Recent Study

Cataracts are considered an expected part of aging; as they are an age-related disease. Almost half of Americans suffer from cataracts by the age of 75. Fortunately, laser cataract surgery has undergone tremendous advancements, and is a long way from the outdated methods that doctors used to use. Nevertheless, they are an upsetting reminder of […]

From “Any Sharp Object” to Blades to Lasers: The Marvelous Advancements in Cataract Eye Surgery

Medical advancements and increasingly sophisticated surgical methods have helped improve the quality of life all around the world. Ailments that were once deadly or debilitating can now be easily treated. Even for non-fatal issues, like poor vision, new technologies like LASIK have made it easier for people to access convenient corrective methods. Cataract surgery is […]




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