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Think You’re Ready for LASIK Surgery? Take Our Quiz!

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Have you been considering LASIK surgery but aren’t sure if you are ready to take the leap yet? At Feinerman Vision, we are committed to helping you become more informed about LASIK so you can make the right decision for yourself.

Think you’re ready for LASIK? Now you can test your LASIK knowledge with our short quiz! Be sure to let us know what your results are.


  • TRUE/FALSE: LASIK is a new technology and we still aren’t sure about the long-term results.


False. LASIK was first approved by the FDA over 20 years ago. Over two decades of surgeries and studies have shown that LASIK is a safe and effective procedure.


  • TRUE/FALSE: Contacts are safer than LASIK.


False. This may seem counterintuitive but wearing contacts are actually riskier than having LASIK.

Because contact wearers are always handling their contacts, they are at higher risk of developing an infection.

And many people are surprised to find that LASIK is also more affordable than contacts. The lifetime cost of wearing disposable contacts is nearly $30,000.


  • TRUE/FALSE: LASIK can’t correct my astigmatism.


False. LASIK has been successfully treating astigmatism since it was first approved by the FDA in the mid-nineties.


  • TRUE/FALSE: The recovery time from LASIK is fairly short.


True! Not only is the surgery itself quick — roughly 15 minutes — the recovery time is short as well.

Most patients report that they are feeling better and their vision has improved within the first week after surgery.


  • TRUE/FALSE: All LASIK doctors are the same so I should just look for the least expensive one.


Definitely false!

Every LASIK surgeon is different and the quality of your experience can vary greatly depending on who you choose.

Dr. Feinerman has performed thousands of LASIK procedures since 1998. He also offers blade-free LASIK, the most advanced technology in LASIK surgery.

Contact us today to schedule your LASIK evaluation with Dr. Feinerman.

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