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It is no wonder that, as one of the foremost practitioners of LASIK vision correction in Orange County, Dr. Gregg Feinerman has received so many glowing testimonials from his patients over the years. The comments below represent a sample of the many people who now have Dr. Feinerman to thank for their crystal clear vision.

LASIK Patients

Where The Doctors Go For LASIK! 

Jesse Berry, M.D. is an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the USC Roski Eye Institute, and specializes in ocular oncology, melanoma, and retinoblastoma. Dr. Berry answered common questions about her LASIK procedure on the USC Roski Eye Institute website and her own blog. Click here to learn more about her LASIK experience with Dr. Feinerman!

Jesse Berry, MD
Eye Physician & Surgeon
USC Department of Ophthalmology

Charly Jordan @charlyjordan

Jenn Im @imjennim and Sophia Chang @sophiachang

Sophia Chang @sophiachang

Rocky Barnes @Rocky_Barnes

Christen (Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise)

Sports Illustrated Model, Georgia Gibbs @georgiagibbs

James T. (The Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise)

Natalie – Fashion Blogger  @Natamals


Aimee and Dani Song

Aimee and Dani Song (SongofStyle)

I’ve been wearing glasses ever since I was a kid and started wearing contact lenses for over 10 years. I’ve always had problems without contact lens or glasses and now I’m finally glass free!!!!!

I had LASIK procedure with Dr. Feinerman yesterday and I think this facility has to be one of the best in the world. Doctor and Staffs are obviously experts, they know how to set patients at ease, and communicate expertly at every stage of the process.

My sister and I had procedure done yesterday, and I’m sure will be just as happy as I am! No hassle with glasses or contacts!!

God Bless Gregg Feinerman!


THANK YOU DR. FEINERMAN What you do for a living is truly amazing!

Dani Song

feinerman- yelpI had the best experience ever. From my consultation to my post op. Dr. Feinerman knows what he is doing. I felt like a person and not another number walking through his office. I came in Wednesday for a consultation, loved the care and environment. I met Dr. Feinerman that day compared to my other place i had a surgery set with, I didn’t meet the surgeon. Loved my experience at dr. Feinerman’s and so I cancelled my surgery with the other company on Thursday, which was twice as much as what I paid with Feinerman Vision. I was able to schedule a surgery on Friday morning with FEINERMAN vision. I’m so happy he was able to fit me in as soon as possible.

Today was my surgery and I just woke up from my nap. I have had glasses/contacts for 17 years and I was so overwhelmed with joy when I woke up and I could see everything clearly. I could not be happier. Preop was easy, I was nervous and excited. When I walked into the surgery room, Dr. Feinerman was playing DRAKE!!! And I love Drake! And he also played some jay-z and more. I felt very comfortable. It was a quick and easy procedure. I’m very happy with my results and it’s only been 9 hours afterwards lol.

After I posted him on my Instagram and snapchat, all of my friends started texting me telling me how they’ve been interested in LASIK and I told them to definitely go to Dr. Feinerman! I have no regrets.

Kristine A.

This place is amazing. I have worn contacts for 15 years and have always had red, irritated eyes from wearing them. I decided to take the plunge and get LASIK and I’m so happy that it was with Dr. Feinerman and his team.

Dr. Feinerman loves his job and it shows. During the surgery he had Alicia Keys playing and was joking around with his staff. I was pretty anxious going into the surgery, but between their easygoing attitudes and the Xanax they gave me, I was just fine. The LASIK itself was over before I knew it.

I went home after he surgery and napped, and Dr. Feinerman gave me a call to check in on how I was doing. I missed his call since I was sleeping, but he left his cell number in case anything came up, which I really appreciated.

The best part – I woke up the next morning and had perfect eyesight! I’ve never been able to see more than a couple feet in front of me, so I was amazed to wake up to crystal clear vision. LASIK really is a game-changer and Dr. Feinerman and his team are top-notch.

Carrie B.

To keep it short, I really recommend anyone who has thought of getting LASIK to get it and if you decide to get it, do it with Dr. Feinerman

The reasons why:
-never ever seen an office so friendly and welcoming
-they work very efficiently and effectively but it never felt rushed so I always felt safe
-after the consultation, they were able to schedule me the next day if I wanted
-they will give you a good deal
-KOBE’s been there. Enough said.

But in all seriousness, if you want a place that’s friendly, efficient, and gives a good price I would highly recommended this place!

Steven H.

Mikaela L. | Dr. Gregg Feinerman

“Holy smokes…I can seeeeeeee!!!
I was so scared to have anything done to my eyes. Just the idea of getting LASIK made me limp and feel as though I might pass out! However, I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t see a thing beyond my elbow and was missing out on friends waving hello, and a lot of life’s simple pleasures. My mom wanted me to get the surgery for reasons of safety. She didn’t want a bad guy lurking in a dark corner and me not see him. I’m glad Dr. Feinerman was able to calm my nerves for 24 hours, long enough to get me through my consultation and into my surgery appt the next day. Dr. Feinerman was so wonderful, not to mention gorgeous! All my girlfriends developed sudden cases of poor eyesight, haha! All in all, I’m so glad Dr. Feinerman was my doctor. He talked me through the whole procedure, and got me through it all with humor, professionalism and, of course, his amazing staff. I’m so happy today! I actually loved my whole experience and adore him and his staff. I whole-heartedly recommend Feinerman Vision Center, especially to all those scaredy-cats out there such as myself.”
Mikaela L.
College Student

Robert Runde, M.D.“As a LASIK surgeon, I know when you choose a surgeon it should be based upon experience and training, not price. That is why I chose Gregg Feinerman, M.D., for my own surgery.”

Robert Runde, M.D.
(LASIK Surgeon)

Danielle Davison

“Dr. Feinerman and his staff are amazing! I had Lasik done there about a year ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have 20/20 vision now! From the first moment you walk in their office you are greeted by a friendly staff that is personable, welcoming, and professional. They always move you through each room in a timely manner and the wait time is never over 10 minutes before you are brought back to see the doctor. Dr. Feinerman himself, is such a great doctor. He makes sure you are taken care of and feeling comfortable with any of their procedures. As for the Lasik surgery, it was easier than I expected. I came in the morning and left about 30 minutes later. He had nice music playing in the background while I was getting it done and my mother was allowed in the room to watch. The overall procedure took only 5 minutes and before I knew it I was home and on my way to recovery. He gave me his personal cell phone to call him if there were any problems that I experienced, and he checked up on me that afternoon to see how I was feeling. I came back to the office 2 days later for a checkup and everything was great. If you want a professional, personable, and classy doctor than you should definitely choose Dr. Feinerman! You will be incredibly happy with the results and your experience will be above and beyond what you could ever expect from a Lasik doctor!! I highly recommend him!!”

Danielle Davison

Kimi L.

“As Dr. Feinerman’s surgical technician, I have helped him perform thousands of LASIK procedures. His surgical expertise and compassion for his patients are second to none. I have sent so many of my friends and family to Dr. Feinerman. When it was my time to have LASIK, I was so excited to have the Feinerman Vision Center experience.

My surgery was a breeze, and I could see clearly very quickly. As a matter of fact I posted this photo on Instagram right after my surgery. I am so pleased with my decision to have LASIK by Dr. Feinerman and I can’t thank him enough for my 20/20 vision!” —

Kimi L.

Renato C.“I wake up every morning still thinking it’s a dream! The reality is that I now can see all that I’ve been missing. When I met with Dr. Feinerman, I told him that there were three main reasons why I decided to have LASIK vision correction.

First, as a surgical technician, seeing clearly is the most critical part of my job. I have to see detail and be able to immediately recognize each and every surgical instrument. I was so uncomfortable being on my feet for hours at a time while wearing glasses. My eyes grew tired and strained. Now I can work as long as I’d like without straining my eyes.

Second, I so much wanted to do the things I love without the inconvenience of glasses or contacts. I’m a huge fan of swimming & jet skiing. Wearing glasses was extremely uncomfortable and not practical while in the water. Now it’s no problem whatsoever.

And last, but not least, of all the things I love to do, nothing tops the most important part of my day… being able to see my kids play or simply watching them from a distance doing something funny. This is truly the most rewarding part of my LASIK surgery. I no longer have to search for my glasses when my kids say, “Daddy, watch this”.

Now, I can do everything easily. Seeing clearly has been a life-changing experience and I am so grateful to have found Feinerman Vision Center to help me achieve this goal.”

Renato C.
Surgical Technician

Matt - LASIK Recipient“Recently I had Custom LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Gregg Feinerman at the Feinerman VisionCenter. After 21 years of contacts and glasses, being able to see across the room immediately after surgery was no less than a miracle to me. No more itchy, uncomfortable eyes, no more problems in the surf with a lost contact lens. Just 20/20 vision, that I can’t remember ever having.

The surgery itself is hard to even call surgery. No pain, no discomfort, just a bright red light and friendly voices saying, “Look at the red light, you are doing fantastic!” Furthermore, I was very impressed with the time and care of Dr. Feinerman’s staff in helping me to make the right decision. My eyes are very important to me and I wouldn’t trust them to anyone else. Even though Custom LASIK may seem like a lot to spend, I would urge anyone to put reputation above price.

No more glasses — no more contacts. Dr. Feinerman is most professional, very understanding, personable and with his extraordinary skill, made the entire experience extremely positive for me. I know I found the right doctor and would absolutely recommend Dr. Feinerman and his wonderful staff to anyone looking for the best in Custom LASIK surgery.

Probably the best thing I can say, is that I wish I had done this years ago. It is definitely worth it and has been one of the best investments I ever made!

Truly, thanks again. “


Lori D.“Dr. Feinerman was amazing! I am seeing better than 20/20, which has helped me excel as an outside hitter in volleyball.”

Lori D.
Oregon State University Volleyball

Tanya B.“Dr Feinerman made my LASIK surgery a pleasant experience. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. Two weeks later I was sky diving”

Tanya B.

Cataract Patients

My both eyes were foggy totally that affects my life, my business, my…everything!!! I found Dr Feinerman on Yelp and…I am reborn again, I reclaimed my life. Thanks to the performance of cataract surgery by Mr. Feinerman, Great doctor, great staff too and I wont forget the “Royal treatment” from the Doctor And all of his medical assistance staff and the out patient surgery clinic. I reward Feinerman Vision Center 5 stars as there was no 6* available.

Florence Henderson | Crystalens Patient Orange County

“I never expected to be able to see my favorite things in life so clearly again. By choosing Crystalens like I did, you’ll have the opportunity to see near, far and everywhere in between. Crystalens not only treats your cataracts, it’s designed to correct your full range of vision.”

Florence Henderson, Crystalens patient, 2009

“I had Crystalens in Aug 2005. Thank you, Dr. Feinerman. I can see near, far, and mid-distances.
Best thing is I have no reliance on magnifier readers.

My only regret is I should have done it sooner!”

Bruce Hochman OS — Crystalens Patient
Salvador Dali Gallery Inc.
The world’s only gallery dealing exclusively in authentic Salvador Dali fine art.

“I had cataract surgery on both eyes, a week apart, and both were successful. I experienced very little if any pain throughout the process. I was not apprehensive or nervous as I waited in the pre-surgery area since I had full trust and confidence in the surgery to be performed by Dr. Feinerman.

The presurgery staff was very friendly and they made sure that I was comfortable with a warm blanket and pillow. They were attentive and professional in administering the IV, sedatives, and monitoring my blood pressure. The reception staff was very friendly and courteous.”

Lorenzo Apodaca
LenSx Laser Cataract Surgery Patient

“The folks at Feinerman Vision Center were first class, very cordial, and professional! I cannot believe how nice it is to see things clearly. The cataracts were becoming obsessive! My vision is better than it has been in 40 years!”

Gerry Youngewirth
LenSx Laser Cataract Surgery & Crystalens Patient

Daniel E.“As a pilot, there are many requirements to fly. You must be in good physical condition, quick to respond to all situations and most importantly, be able to see everything clearly.

Crystalens® was the answer I had been looking for when my near and distance vision began to wane. I had read about Feinerman Vision Center and Dr. Gregg Feinerman who was one of the first to perform this new procedure. Everything that Crystalens® addressed for vision correction fit my needs. My goal was to be able to operate a 747 in an emergency situation without depending on glasses to see the instrument panel or spot a runway. So I researched for a surgeon who had the training, experience and knowledge to help me make the right choice.

I first considered LASIK surgery, but was informed I would still require glasses to read. So I made the decision to have the Crystalens® procedure and have not once regretted that decision. On the day of surgery I was a little anxious, but not for long… The Feinerman Vision Center staff put me at ease, and Dr. Feinerman explained each step to me as he performed the quick surgery.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Crystalens® and Dr. Feinerman to those “baby boomers” who have started to experience difficulty reading, working at the computer, or just wanting to see their golf ball down the fairway. Without glasses, I now have more confidence, look and feel younger and best of all, see everything.”

Daniel E.
Pilot – Crystalens Patient

Anita D. Crystalens Patient“Oh, how we take good vision for granted! When I started experiencing the normal symptoms of aging eyes, I blamed it on hours in front of the computer, long meetings and eye fatigue due to travel.

But as president of a fast-paced advertising/promotions agency, poor eyesight was not an option. Nor were contacts that I always forgot to take out at night, or glasses that I frequently left on airplanes. My vision played a critical role in my lifestyle and I searched for the perfect solution.

That solution came via Dr. Gregg Feinerman who performed Crystalens® interocular lens implants in both eyes. I assumed that I would be out of commission for days, but it was quite the contrary. Immediately after surgery I could see wonderfully and my exam the next day proved the surgery to be a success. I could not only read the small type on the eye chart, but my distance vision was considerably better!

The combination of state-of-the-art technology, in the hands of a highly skilled surgeon (and very personable doctor), resulted in a dramatic improvement in my vision. Colors are brighter and more vivid, bringing a new clarity to everything I see. Vision never has to be compromised with this great surgery…it was painless, quick, with immediate results, and no interruption to my busy schedule. And…it’s permanent! No more contacts, no more glasses…ever!”

Anita D.
President, Benchmark Advertising – Crystalens Patient

Ronna K. Crystalens Patient

“I was blessed to have perfect vision until the age of 40. From then on, my vision grew progressively worse each year. As an interior designer, it has always been important to see colors and detail clearly. I was wearing trifocals and had to feel for my glasses (couldn’t see them!) to put them on before getting out of bed in the morning. Lasik surgery would not have corrected near, middle and distance vision, so glasses would still have been a necessary part of my life.

I did extensive research after hearing about Crystalens implants. Dr. Feinerman had the most experience with this surgery. He met with me personally for each examination, both before and after performing the procedures in each eye. I certainly would not want to meet my eye surgeon in the operating room!

The surgery was phenomenally successful and I can now see everything clearly. It is such a joy to wake up and see a beautiful sunrise without reaching for my glasses first. No more wondering if I’ve picked up the shampoo or the conditioner in the shower or applying eye make up by guesswork! I can read the Thomas Guide, thread a needle, work on the computer and see the surfers in the water a half a mile away. One of the most surprising benefits is that colors and textures are now more “crisp.” In addition, without thick glasses, I look and feel younger!

Thank you, Dr. Feinerman! You have improved my life even more than I had hoped.”

Ronna K.
Interior Designer – Crystalens Patient

Trulign™ Patients

Scott Dineen Trulign™ Recipient

“This is me with glasses next to a Mooney M20J airplane (I was probably in my 40’s in the photo). I would have to flop back and forth between my glasses and prescriptive sunglasses. After I started wearing contacts and my near vision got worse, I would need to fiddle with readers (cheaters) in the cockpit in order to read the charts and approach plates. Having the Trulign lenses made life a whole lot easier, especially during flying.”

Scott Dineen
Trulign™ Recipient

If you would like to become one of Dr. Gregg Feinerman’s successful LASIK vision correction recipients, the Orange County staff of the Feinerman Vision Center would like to hear from you. Even if you are not a candidate for LASIK, other vision correction procedures may be perfect for you. Contact us today!

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