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Add LASIK To Your Back To School Preparations

August 15th, 2016

lasik back to school

Back to school requires an inordinate amount of preparation both financially and emotionally. Your house is busier, there are classes to register for, and supplies to purchase. For a college-aged student heading back to school, whether it’s in town or to a residence, back to school can be doubly stressful. One idea for back to school preparation that may not have occurred to you: LASIK.

Clear Vision is Key to Successful Learning

LASIK is perhaps the most well-known eye procedure. For students, clear vision is one of the best ways to ensure their academic and work success. According to the American Optometric Association, as much as 80 percent of a child’s learning happens using his or her eyes. This is definitely applicable in a college environment where you are reading off of lecture slides, white boards, scanning textbooks, and typing up essays.

It can also reduce the chances of other negative impacts on a college student’s quality of life. College provides a number of enriching and fulfilling experiences for a young adult’s growth, but it can also be a period of enormous stress brought on by deadlines, grades, and a desire to succeed. Taking care of your physical well-being and mental state are two priorities that are vital for sustaining your health and happiness while away at school. Eating regularly and staying active are ways to avoid falling ill and suffering from fatigue. Ensuring you are seeing clearly is another way to avoid eye strain and headaches which can be extremely uncomfortable when studying or listening in class. If you regularly use glasses or contacts, LASIK can provide one less thing for you to worry about during the year.

LASIK Allows You To Be More Spontaneous

It can be extremely inconvenient worrying about taking your contacts out after a night out or wondering what to do about them if you decide to go swimming. Glasses and contacts, while they are great corrective solutions, can also deprive you of spontaneity. Getting LASIK will allow you to stop worrying about the things you constantly have to worry about now, like placing your glasses in a case before swimming or taking your contacts out before bed.

Additionally, worrying about breaking your glasses or getting dirt in your eyes while wearing contacts can take away all the fun of a hike or an impromptu game of football. With LASIK you can forget about these considerations and just have a good time.

Be In Control Of Your Look

There are many ways to rock a pair of glasses, but there will be instances when you do not want to match your dress with specs. Moreover, some people simply feel more comfortable showing off their eyes by wearing contacts instead.

Another inconvenient reality of wearing contacts: they have to be made. Some people are rather comfortable wearing their glasses every single day, but if an opportunity arises where they would like to go without, they need to make sure they know a few weeks in advance so that they can have contacts made. With LASIK, this is not an issue and students can make plans without worrying that they’ve already burned through their dailies for the month.

Not everybody is eligible for LASIK, but those who are can experience fantastic results to their vision and improvements to their social and student lives. It’s as simple as stopping by Feinerman Vision today to find out how LASIK can get you ready and excited to head back to school. Call our Newport Beach, CA office to book a consultation with Dr. Feinerman today!


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