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Kristine A.

Kristine A. | LASIK PatientI had the best experience ever. From my consultation to my post op. Dr. Feinerman knows what he is doing. I felt like a person and not another number walking through his office. I came in Wednesday for a consultation, loved the care and environment. I met Dr. Feinerman that day compared to my other place I had a surgery set with, I didn’t meet the surgeon. Loved my experience at Dr. Feinerman’s and so I cancelled my surgery with the other company on Thursday, which was twice as much as what I paid with Feinerman Vision. I was able to schedule a surgery on Friday morning with FEINERMAN vision. I’m so happy he was able to fit me in as soon as possible.

Today was my surgery and I just woke up from my nap. I have had glasses/contacts for 17 years and I was so overwhelmed with joy when I woke up and I could see everything clearly. I could not be happier. Preop was easy, I was nervous and excited. When I walked into the surgery room, Dr. Feinerman was playing DRAKE!!! And I love Drake! And he also played some Jay-z and more. I felt very comfortable. It was a quick and easy procedure. I’m very happy with my results and it’s only been 9 hours afterwards lol.

After I posted him on my Instagram and snapchat, all of my friends started texting me telling me how they’ve been interested in LASIK and I told them to definitely go to Dr. Feinerman! I have no regrets.

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