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Kristie N. 4.27.2016


After going to numerous LASIK consultations at some of the most popular LASIK centers in Orange County and spending countless hours on research & studies,  I decided to go with Dr. Feinerman for my LASIK procedure and really couldn’t be any happier.

At my consultation, Dr. Reimers (the optometrist) took all my scans & measurements. She then checked my eyes very thoroughly and entered all her findings into the computer. Be prepared to have your eyes dilated, a step that is necessary in order for the doctors to examine more closely at the condition of your inner eye(s).
*This is where FVC is different!* Other places will only proceed with this step if you decide to commit to having LASIK done with them (usually this requires a second appointment). They will even have you pay upfront for the dilation, but will say it is deducted from the overall fee…in other words, putting down a deposit and forcing you to commit to them.

Ask yourself this: Why do you need to wait until the 2nd appointment for them to perform a more “complete” exam? With FVC, there are no gimmicks whatsoever. They dilate your eyes at the initial consult & do their best to determine whether you are truly a candidate for LASIK the FIRST time.

What really stood out for me was that even after Dr. Reimers performed a thorough exam, Dr. Feinerman came in to check my eyes again before he gave the official OK. FVC was the first and ONLY place that actually allowed me to meet my surgeon and ask questions right away. I have a lot of  friends that had LASIK done with other surgeons and they did not even meet the surgeon until right before the procedure. Needless to say, it is so much more reassuring to be able to meet my surgeon beforehand and establish some rapport.

Day of Surgery  (Very quick and simple process!)
First, you will come in & sign some routine paper work.
The technician will go over everything you’ll need to do post-op and then give you a Xanax to help calm your nerves.

The surgical tech will then set you up and put a lot of eye drops (anesthetic, etc) in your eyes. Dr. Feinerman talks you through every step of what he’s doing and instructs you exactly what to do. The Ziemer used to create the flap is completely painless, you’ll just feel a bit of pressure like something is pressing down on your eye. There is a blackout phenomena in which your vision will go dark, but its very brief and didn’t freak me out at all. When the corneal flap is lifted, your vision will just look a little fuzzy. You will be asked to focus on a red light when the excimer laser is being used. To me, that was probably the hardest part because I couldn’t tell whether my eye was still or moving around. But rest assured, the lasers are equipped with automatic eye trackers that monitor eye movements and keep the laser on target during surgery. There is a very slight burning smell, but you do not feel any heat whatsoever. Right after the procedure, my vision was a bit hazy, but I could tell that it was much better. During my ride home, I could even read the street signs!
After about an hour, my eyes started to sting and I knew that was my cue to go take my nap. I woke up 4 hours later and my vision was already so clear! The next day at my post-op, I found out my eyes were already at 20/20. It’s amazing to be able to see so clearly and I feel so appreciative that Dr. Feinerman has helped me achieve this!

Reasons to go with Dr. Feinerman:

1) He is a very skilled surgeon with many years of experience & has an excellent medical background

2) He’s very caring towards his patients  and will even personally call to check up on you after your procedure

3) He invests in the latest & safest technology and doesn’t hesitate to use them just because of royalties.

4) He only performs LASIK  on Fridays, which means he is more readily available to play more of an active role in follow-ups. At other vision centers, it is likely you won’t see the surgeon again. Follow ups are taken over soley by in-house optometrists or co-managed by outside optometrists.

5) The unbeatable price! Don’t be fooled by the “lifetime guarantee” or “lifetime commitment” deal at other places for an additional  $1000 plus. There’s ALOT of fine print. They’ll only do an enhancement IF your eyes are eligible down the line, so technically that’s not really a guarantee.

6) Last but not least, his staff is genuinely friendly & very professional

At the end of the day, there are a lot of great surgeons out there and it can be extremely  difficult to decide who to go with. After going thru my extensive checklist, the deciding factor for me was choosing a surgeon that provided me with a personable experience. One I can confidently build a patient-doctor relationship with and trust that I wouldn’t be treated like just another number.

Dr. Feinerman is great doctor, but don’t just take my word for it. Make your consultation appointment and find out for yourself! 🙂

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