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Mikaela L.


Mikaela L. | LASIK PatientHoly smokes…I can seeeeeeee!!!
I was so scared to have anything done to my eyes. Just the idea of getting LASIK made me limp and feel as though I might pass out! However, I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t see a thing beyond my elbow and was missing out on friends waving hello, and a lot of life’s simple pleasures. My mom wanted me to get the surgery for reasons of safety. She didn’t want a bad guy lurking in a dark corner and me not see him.

I’m glad Dr. Feinerman was able to calm my nerves for 24 hours, long enough to get me through my consultation and into my surgery appt the next day. Dr. Feinerman was so wonderful, not to mention gorgeous! All my girlfriends developed sudden cases of poor eyesight, haha! All in all, I’m so glad Dr. Feinerman was my doctor. He talked me through the whole procedure, and got me through it all with humor, professionalism and, of course, his amazing staff. I’m so happy today! I actually loved my whole experience and adore him and his staff. I whole-heartedly recommend Feinerman Vision Center, especially to all those scaredy-cats out there such as myself.

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