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Dr. Gregg Feinerman is one of the top cataract surgeons in the country, and he is located in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Feinerman has been in practice since 1999, and founded Feinerman Vision Center in 2001. Doctor Feinerman is board certified as an ophthalmologist by the American Board of Surgeons, and has served as Chairman of Ophthalmology at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian—a magnet hospital that is one of the finest in the country. He is proficient in the most advanced methods of cataract surgery, and has certification in the Crystalens IOL Vision Enhancement System. He has performed several thousand successful Crystalens implants. In 2010, Bausch & Lomb presented him with the Crystalens Millennium Society Award in recognition of surgeons who implanted more than 1,000 successful Crystalens implants. In fact, Dr. Feinerman is one of the top five surgeons implanting crystalens in the USA.


Dr Feinerman performs crystalens surgery on his father

Feinerman performs crystalens on his dad


He is also an adjunct clinical professor at USC in the Department of Ophthalmology, teaching eye surgery at University of Southern California.

Cataracts are common causes of age-related vision problems in people over 55 years old. The clouding of the eye’s lens is caused by protein buildup and is considered a common occurrence with aging. Development of cataracts is gradual and painless, so most people don’t notice that they have cataracts until their vision is obscured enough to cause problems. Early symptoms include: decreased vision, glare symptoms with oncoming lights, and difficulty reading. If any of the above symptoms apply to you, consult Dr. Feinerman to determine whether or not you are experiencing cataracts and are a candidate for cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery is one of the most common outpatient procedures performed in the U.S. and has a relatively low incidence of surgical complications. During the procedure, the natural lens of the eye is removed through a procedure called phacoemulsification, which is easily performed in approximately ten minutes. A small 2.5 millimeter incision is made to remove the old lens, which is replaced with an artificial, intraocular lens (IOL).

There are several types of IOLs. The most basic is a monofocal lens, which enables the wearer to see at a distance, but requires the use of computer and reading glasses. Another option is a multifocal IOL, which provides distance and near vision by using a lens shaped like a target with each range providing multiple focusing optics. The most recent development in IOL technology is Crystalens, which is an accommodating IOL. This type of lens is flexible and works with the eye’s focusing muscles, providing the patient with a full range of near and far vision. The advantage of Crystalens is it provides a higher quality image than multifocal IOLs. After implantation of any IOL, the surgical incision seals itself and usually doesn’t require a suture. People can frequently read the time on the clock in our surgical suite immediately after the procedure.

Cataract surgery aftercare is generally an easy process. People are asked to rest for the first 24 hours after surgery. Normal activity can usually resume the following day with some minor restrictions, such as avoiding swimming for two weeks and keeping away from smoke-filled or dusty environments for 24-48 hours. Vision may fluctuate slightly at first, but usually stabilizes within three to four weeks. Cataract surgery side effects are often minor and short-term. Slight discomfort during the first 24 hours after surgery is normal and may include mild burning and tearing.

Dr. Feinerman has always been on the forefront of cutting edge technology. He was the first eye surgeon to perform Crystalens surgery in Southern California after it was FDA approved in 2003. In 2005, he became a member of the scientific advisory board for Eyeonics, the manufacturer of Crystalens. Since then, he has performed the most Crystalens surgeries in the state of California. Earlier this year, Bausch & Lomb recognized Dr. Feinerman as one of the top ten Crystalens surgeons in the U.S. Although his work is recognized by his peers, for Dr. Feinerman, it is his patients’ expressions of gratitude that matter most to him.

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