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Operation Insight

“Operation Insight” is a non-profit program offering free eye surgeries to needy individuals who do not have the means for vision correction surgery or for public servants who rely on excellent vision to perform their jobs.

Dr. Gregg Feinerman is the visionary and Founder of Operation Insight who has earned international attention in the medical community for his revolutionary work in the area of laser eye surgery. He developed this program when he learned how difficult it is for many public servants to wear eyeglasses on the job. As a way to give back to the community, Dr. Feinerman offers his eye surgical services to these individuals as well as train existing staff at third world countries that do not have the latest technology to perform optimal eye care. His work has become internationally known and have been appreciated by many that he has helped.

Recently, he has operated on a 22 year old male with Wolfram Syndrome, Austin Seedman. Austin currently relies on his eyes as ears on a daily basis.

Read more of his story: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/seedman-414249-feinerman-austin.html

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