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LASIK Testimonials

“My LASIK experience was everything I expected it to be! It didn’t hurt at all!”

-DJ Noodz, Los Angeles Based DJ and Singer

“It’s so crazy. Today is the day after LASIK and I can see everything!”

-Aimee Song, Fashion Blogger

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

-Rocky Barnes, Fashion Blogger & Model

“Any time someone asks me for LASIK in LA, I will definitely, definitely, 100% say Feinerman.”

-Mr. Carmack, Los Angeles Based DJ

“I woke up and I could completely see without contacts! I feel like a brand new person.”

-Chriselle Lim, Fashioner Blogger & Designer

“I went in. Got the surgery done. Then slept for six hours, woke up and had perfect eyesight! So, I couldn’t give a better review.”

-Georgia Gibbs, Sports Illustrated Model

“I feel amazing! It was super quick, really easy. Now I just can’t even imagine life before that moment.”

-SoSUPERSam, Los Angeles Based DJ

Meet Jesse Berry MD, one of many eye surgeons who had LASIK by Dr. Feinerman

Dr. Jesse Berry went from wearing contact lenses 19 hours per day to clear vision in just a few moments. Dr. Berry is an ophthalmologist at the USC Roski Eye Institute. She wrote about why she wanted LASIK and how her life has improved after surgery.

“I operated the next day! Before LASIK without glasses or contact lenses beforehand I was 20/400 or worse… I woke up 20/15 (better than 20/20). I’m not even kidding.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier!” – Jesse Berry, MD

Read more about Dr. Berry’s LASIK experience here

“The crazy thing was it was about three minutes per eye. And then I sat up and I could see. I could just see everything!”

-James T, The Bachelorette & Bachelor in Paradise Contestant

“Everyone who wants LASIK should see Dr. Feinerman.”

-Christen W, The Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise Contestant

“He was very friendly and reassuring. It was done in less than a minute, it went by so fast. It wasn’t painful at all!”

-Natalie, Fashion Blogger

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