laser cataract surgery

See one of Southern California's top cataract surgeons, Gregg Feinerman, MD, FACS.

cataract surgery consultation

I had cataract surgery on both eyes, a week apart, and both were successful. I experienced very little if any pain throughout the process. I was not apprehensive or nervous as I waited in the pre-surgery area since I had full trust and confidence in the surgery to be performed by Dr. Feinerman.

The presurgery staff was very friendly and they made sure that I was comfortable with a warm blanket and pillow. They were attentive and professional in administering the IV, sedatives, and monitoring my blood pressure. The reception staff was very friendly and courteous.

Lorenzo Apodaca
LenSx Cataract Surgery Patient

The folks at Feinerman Vision Center were first class, very cordial, and professional! I cannot believe how nice it is to see things clearly. The cataracts were becoming obsessive! My vision is better than it has been in 40 years!

Gerry Youngewirth
LenSx Cataract Surgery and Crystalens Patient