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Tecnis Symfony IOL

Have you noticed your near vision is gradually getting worse, even when you had no vision problems before? Those reaching their middle age may be all too familiar with this phenomenon. This condition is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age-related refractive error that happens to almost everyone as they reach their 40’s and beyond.
Previously, presbyopia was only managed through the use of reading glasses. Luckily, new advancements in technology make it possible to see up close with decreased dependency on reading glasses. For those with cataracts in addition to presbyopia, the newly approved Tecnis Symfony IOL does just that.

If you have presbyopia and are developing cataracts, you understand the frustration blurry vision can cause. Dr. Feinerman is one of the first surgeons in the USA to restore vision with the Tecnis Symfony IOL.  He can help you decide which lens is the best technology for you.

What is the Tecnis Symfony IOL?

The Tecnis Symfony is the first and only presbyopia-correcting extended range of vision lens, and allows for a continuous, full range of high-quality vision. The lens is also in a version that corrects astigmatism. The FDA approved this IOL July 15, 2016, making it the newest addition to Abbott Medical Optics’ range of highly advanced intraocular lenses.

The Tecnis Symfony IOL was designed to provide excellent vision at every distance – so there is no worry of trading one for the other. The Tecnis Symfony IOL is also available in a toric version for those with astigmatism in addition to presbyopia.

The Tecnis Symfony IOL is used to replace the natural lens during cataract surgery. After just one surgery with Dr. Feinerman, you may rid yourself of both cataracts and presbyopia!

“Tecnis Symfony IOL patients have experienced high levels of spectacle independence at far, intermediate, and near distances. Patient satisfaction has been incredibly high—97% of patients said they would elect to have the lens implanted again.” — Gregg Feinerman MD, FACS

The Procedure

During cataract surgery, the natural lens in the eye is vaporized with a tiny instrument that enters through a tiny incision in the cornea (2.4 mm). Once the lens is removed, Dr. Feinerman replaces it with the Symfony IOL, simultaneously correcting cataracts and presbyopia. Cataract surgery with Dr. Feinerman is a highly successful and quick procedure.
Most lenses used during cataract surgery are monofocal, meaning they only provide good distance vision, leaving near vision out of focus. With the Tecnis Symfony IOL, you get the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of the Tecnis Symfony IOL

There are many benefits to clear, crisp vision. Reading, driving and doing detail work with clarity is well worth the surgery for most, but what are some other benefits?

  • Seamless all-distance vision. Experience sharp vision at near, intermediate and far distances.
  • High-quality vision. Cataracts cause blurry, distorted and discolored vision. Symfony IOL corrects cataracts in addition to presbyopia and astigmatism.
  • Low incidence of glare and halos. Those with cataracts know that driving at night can be a hassle due to glare and halos around lights. Some IOLs can also contribute to glare and halos, but the Symfony IOL is one of the IOLs with the lowest occurrences of halos and glare.

If you are currently struggling with presbyopia and cataracts, and are ready to regain control of not only your vision, but also your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact Feinerman Vision Center.  With an elevated success rate and thousands of satisfied patients, highly experienced and skilled eye surgeon Gregg Feinerman MD is ready to help you restore the vision you’ve lost over the years.

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