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Laser Cataract Surgery



Being diagnosed with cataracts can be daunting; but at Feinerman Vision Center you can rest assured that cataracts are easily corrected through laser cataract surgery. Laser cataract surgery is performed using a laser to create incisions in the eye, as opposed to the blade used in traditional cataract surgery. This improves accuracy, and also serves to make cataract surgery easier. Dr. Feinerman is extremely skilled in performing laser cataract surgery with great success. If you have been considering laser cataract surgery in Newport Beach, CA, now is the best time to call Dr. Feinerman. With incredible advances in technology, laser cataract surgery is safer and more effective than ever before.

What is LenSx?

Feinerman Vision Center was one of the first vision correction centers in Orange County California to provide LenSx® laser cateract surgery technology— the most technologically advanced option for cataract patients. The benefits of this latest technology compared to traditional cataract surgery are revolutionary:

  • The femtosecond laser is heatless and bladeless, thereby improving overall recovery time
  • Use of the laser means it’s gentler and more precise, with cleaner cuts
  • Takes less than 15 minutes to complete

Because the LenSx® technology is incredibly accurate with customized, high-resolution digital images of your eye in real-time, Dr.Feinerman is better equipped to produce precise results and predictable successful outcomes for his patients compared to traditional cataract surgery.

LenSx Laser technology

A Gentler Experience

Traditional cataract surgery is performed manually and requires making an incision with a blade. However with the new LenSx® system, it is blade-free and there’s less energy used inside the eye which means a less-invasive, safer removal of the lens.

A Faster, More Precise Procedure

LenSx MachineDr. Feinerman can accurately plan and program each laser incision by capturing high resolution images of your eyes with custom measurements of size, depth, and cornea curvature. It is more predictable than traditional cataract surgery.

A More Accurate Outcome

This technology performs the most intricate cuts in cataract surgery with more precise, smaller laser incisions which allow your lens implants to be centered and better fitted. It is less likely to shift during your healing process, and a perfectly centered lens gives a more accurate refractive result. Dr. Feinerman brings the benefits of accuracy, comfort, and time directly to his patients.

Performed in a Comfortable, Relaxed Environment!

The staff at Feinerman Vision Center takes pride in providing a soothing, comfortable atmosphere for their patients.  Check out our 5 Star Yelp rating to read first hand reviews from our clients.

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Laser Cataract Surgery

About Dr. Gregg Feinerman

A nationally esteemed and respected eye surgeon, Dr. Gregg Feinerman has been in practice since 1999, and has become one of the foremost leaders in LASIK and cataract surgeries. Aside from being one of the most esteemed ophthalmic surgeons in the country, Dr. Feinerman appears on television shows as a medical authority such as CBS “The Doctors,” and has also been featured on ABC and NBC news features.

His research is published in peer reviewed medical journals such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s journal, “Ophthalmology”. Dr. Feinerman is also the first Ophthalmologist in Southern California to perform Crystalens cataract surgery, Trulign surgery, and he performed the first Ziemer (All Laser) LASIK in California. Recently, Bausch & Lomb recognized Dr. Feinerman as one of the top ten Crystalens surgeons in the U.S.

In addition to attending to patients at Feinerman Vision Center, he served as Chairman of Ophthalmology at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital—a magnet institution in Southern California.

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