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Can you Have LASIK if You’re Pregnant?

A common question we receive from patients is, “Should I have LASIK surgery if I’m pregnant? Could LASIK accidentally hurt the baby?”

First of all, you can rest assured knowing that LASIK is completely harmless for your baby. However, if you are pregnant you should wait until several months after your baby is born to have LASIK.

This is not a simple subject and there are several reasons why it is not recommended for pregnant women to have LASIK. Let’s look at those reasons more closely below.

Stable vision

One of the biggest reasons we recommend waiting until after pregnancy is because you need to have stable vision in order to have LASIK. During LASIK, your doctor will create a small flap in your cornea and the laser will reshape the cornea. That is what improves your vision.

For that reason, you need to have stable vision going into LASIK. Due to the hormones created during pregnancy, this may not be possible. This can affect your eyes’ ability to heal after surgery.

Side effects

Common side effects experienced after LASIK may become pronounced during pregnancy. For instance, many LASIK patients experience dry eyes after the surgery. Being pregnant could exacerbate these symptoms.  

The medication used

As we have already stated, having LASIK won’t hurt your baby. However, it is not fully known whether the medications used during LASIK could have negative side effects. For instance, many patients are given medication prior to surgery to help them relax. And patients will be prescribed antibiotic eye drops to use for several days following surgery.  

So all in all, in order to achieve the best results from LASIK and have a safe and healthy pregnancy, we recommend waiting several months after pregnancy to have LASIK. If you have other questions about LASIK or the overall health of your eyes, schedule your appointment online with Dr. Feinerman today.

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