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Do I Need Cataract Surgery?

  You may think you know a lot about cataracts, but do you know the warning signs to look out for? After all, cataract surgery is a safe treatment option for cataracts. It is common to develop a cataract. They are “age-related” since most symptoms start showing around the age of 60. In your life, […]

Can I Have LASIK With Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a very common condition affecting one in three people. Even though astigmatism is such a prevalent condition, it is still extremely misunderstood. For example, did you know that LASIK surgery is used for astigmatism correction? Not everyone with astigmatism will be considered a good candidate for LASIK, but it’s worth it to find […]

What Happens During LASIK Surgery

For those considering improving their vision without the need for glasses or contacts, LASIK eye surgery is a popular choice. You may be wondering exactly what happens during and after this simple procedure with Feinerman Vision Center, so read on to find out more! What Happens During LASIK Eye Surgery You were thrilled when your […]

4 Activities To Look Forward To After LASIK

Imagine just being able to wake up and clearly focus on the alarm clock — without struggling to reach for your glasses or having to get out of bed to put in your contacts! There are so many small ways in which LASIK eye surgery can improve your life, and this is just the beginning. […]

5 Fun Summer Activities For Kids And Grandparents

Cataract removal is among the most common and perfected of all surgical procedures in the US. More than 3 million people have it performed each year. With your dramatically improved vision and quick recovery, now is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some summer fun with your grandchildren. Here are five activities that […]

4 Reasons Why Parents Need LASIK

As all parents know, life changes when you have children. Glasses or contacts may have been fine in the old days. But now you value anything that simplifies your routine and gives you more time to focus on what matters (your kids). With LASIK, you’ll be better prepared, both for the great times and for […]

5 Reasons to Choose Premium IOLs for Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in the world, with about 10 percent of Americans affected. But what are cataracts? A cataract is cloudiness that develops in the clear lens of the eye and is the basic medical terminology for when a clear lens turns cloudy. Located just behind the pupil, the lens […]

Can LASIK Surgery Fix My Astigmatism?

If you’re tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses, LASIK is a safe and effective procedure to correct your vision. LASIK surgery has been performed for decades, greatly reducing — and even removing — your need for glasses and contacts, allowing you to live a more active lifestyle. We know LASIK eye doctors can correct […]

Can you Have LASIK if You’re Pregnant?

A common question we receive from patients is, “Should I have LASIK surgery if I’m pregnant? Could LASIK accidentally hurt the baby?” First of all, you can rest assured knowing that LASIK is completely harmless for your baby. However, if you are pregnant you should wait until several months after your baby is born to […]

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right IOLs

25 million Americans have cataracts and many of these individuals will opt to have cataract surgery this year. During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens is replaced with a clear intraocular lens or IOL. Many of our cataract patients are unaware that they can choose from several different types of IOLs. The type of IOL that […]

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