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The Ins and Outs of Laser Cataract Surgery

  Cataract surgery is the most common procedure performed in the United States, with over three million surgeries performed every year. But many people are still very unfamiliar with cataract surgery and everything that is involved in the procedure. A cataract forms when the lens of the eye, which is normally clear, becomes cloudy. Cataracts […]

5 Reasons You Should Have LASIK Before Summer

Spring is finally here, the weather is starting to warm up, and many people are starting to eagerly anticipate summer and long days spent at the pool. And if you are someone who has poor vision, there has never been a better time to consider LASIK surgery. Imagine being free to go swimming, take a […]

5 Things You Might Not Know About Cataracts

A cataract forms when the lens of the eye becomes clouded and begins to impair your vision. Cataracts are an age-related condition that commonly affect people over the age of 60. By the age of 80, more than half of all Americans have developed a cataract in one or both eyes. It is important to […]

Common Fears about LASIK

Most people have fears about LASIK eye surgery. Some people fear it to the extent that they won’t even consider having the surgery. The truth is that LASIK is a very common and safe procedure. However, we can understand any concerns you might have. Since most patients don’t know what to expect from LASIK, their […]

4 Warning Signs of Cataracts

A cataract forms when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Cataracts are the most common type of vision loss in adults over the age of 40 and the most common cause of blindness in the world. Many people miss the early symptoms of cataracts because they start out very small and have little […]

Which Parts Of Laser Cataract Surgery Are Assisted By Lasers?

Laser cataract surgery is not as scary as it sounds. In fact, it’s only advanced further and further to become the routine procedure it is today. So much so that portions of the surgery that used to use lasers or ultrasound technology can be performed using lasers. But before we go into how lasers have […]

How LASIK Makes a Night Out 100 Times Easier

Thanks to prescription lenses, issues like myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia don’t condemn us to a life of difficulty. The wide availability and styles of frames makes it easy to remain fashionable while correcting refractive errors, and contacts are there for those times when spectacles simply won’t do for a given outfit. Despite our appreciation for […]

Cataracts Can Lead to an Increased Risk of Falling

The obvious effect of cataracts is impaired vision. Patients may not even notice that their difficulty seeing is due to cataracts until they go see their doctor for an eye exam. But once cataracts have been detected laser cataract surgery is needed to restore vision. Unfortunately, impaired vision is not the only symptom of cataracts, […]

Make LASIK Eye Surgery One of Your Resolutions for 2017

Have you ever wondered why most New Year’s Resolutions fail? It’s because they are not specific enough. The way you even articulate a goal plays a huge role in determining whether it will be successful or not. Saying you are going to live healthier in 2017 is too vague and destined for failure. Committing to […]

LASIK Equals A Wider Selection of Sunglasses For Your Winter Getaway

LASIK is a great way to prepare for your winter getaway to a balmy destination – and you don’t even have to make room for it in your suitcase! Perhaps the most frustrating part of prescription glasses is the limitations they impose on your wardrobe. And when it comes to beach vacations, they can be […]

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