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5 Reasons Why Millennials Should Invest in LASIK

If you’re looking to improve your overall health and you’re a millennial, chances are eye care may not be on the top of your list. However, it should be. As you age, eye sight is one of the first things to be effected. Taking care of your eyes while you’re young can decrease the chances of complications down the road.

Active Lifestyle

Leading and active lifestyle is important for many millennials. Working out, running, spin classes and dancing are increasing in popularity, one can imagine how inconvenient glasses can be. If you’re used to wearing glasses during your workout, you may be familiar with the constant adjustments needed and that’s never pleasant.  Even if you wear contacts and have the advantage of better peripheral vision, there’s always the hazard of your contacts drying out and ruining your focus.

After receiving LASIK surgery, you no longer have to worry about packing a glasses case or refreshing eye drops in your gym bag. All the little things you used to have to keep in mind in relation to your eyes are no more, and you can focus on leading an active and healthy lifestyle.


Glasses have come a long way when it comes to fashion. However, for many, wearing glasses can still affect confidence and self-esteem. When you look online now, you’ll find many articles about how to develop and grow a sense of confidence while wearing glasses. While it is a necessity for some to where glasses, why do it if you don’t have to? Not wearing glasses anymore can be just the thing you need, to give your ego a boost and increase your level of self-confidence. LASIK surgery can drastically decrease your dependency on glasses.

Little out-of-pocket expense

One of the main reasons that you may not elect to have LASIK surgery is cash. Do your research and you’ll find that LASIK will actually save you money in the long run. If you have a flex savings account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) through your employer, you may pay little or nothing out of pocket, as LASIK is an approved FSA or HSA expense. If you do pay for LASIK out of pocket, the cost is reasonable, and flexible payment options are available.

Recovery Time

Since your career is the probably at the top of your list of priorities, there is a big concern about taking too much time away from work. Recovery from LASIK is very rapid. The first couple of hours after surgery your eyes may feel irritated and dry. Vision may also be blurry, but will improve over the next day.

The day after your eyes still may feel irritated and dry. Recovery time varies from person to person, but most are able to return to work the next day. Since recovery is so rapid, you don’t need to have a bunch of vacation time saved up before you go in for LASIK.


The LASIK procedure is very safe, which is why it has been accepted by so many worldwide. As with any procedure there are still risks, but with LASIK they’re very low. In most cases, the patient does well and recovers with improved vision. The most common side effects of LASIK are dry eyes and seeing a glare or halo around lights.

You should always confirm the experience of your surgeon ahead of time and make sure that they have specialized training in cornea surgery. Knowing how to handle a complication, should one occur, can make a significant difference in the patient’s outcome.

No matter how long you’ve worn them, let’s face it—glasses and contact lenses are inconvenient. If you lead an active lifestyle and are tired of worrying about, and paying for, glasses and contacts, LASIK gives you freedom to enjoy the things you love.

Doctor Gregg Feinerman is a world-renowned eye surgeon based in Newport Beach, California. As an Orange County eye surgeon, he specializes in LASIK vision correction and cataract surgeries. He and his friendly, knowledgeable staff are available to help you achieve your optimal eye health needs at Feinerman Vision Center.


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