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5 Fun Summer Activities For Kids And Grandparents

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Cataract removal is among the most common and perfected of all surgical procedures in the US. More than 3 million people have it performed each year. With your dramatically improved vision and quick recovery, now is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some summer fun with your grandchildren. Here are five activities that your whole family is guaranteed to love.

1. Get Up Close to Nature

Zoos, aquariums, and nature reserves are all wonderful summer destinations for kids. Petting zoos offer opportunities to touch — or even hold — the animals which are especially magical for small children. At the Muth Interpretive Center kids can learn about Newport Bay with interactive, hands-on exhibits. You’ll love taking in the views in fresh, vivid color.

A farm visit is another great option. At Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa, children can meet working animals and explore skills like canning, gardening, and caring for goats and chickens.

Or keep it simple: grab a picnic and the family dog, and go for a leisurely hike in one of the area’s many pet-friendly parks.

2. Go Berry Picking

Take the kids to a berry farm and spend a Saturday morning picking your own luscious summer fruit. Then head home and cook up a treat together to share with the whole family. Pie, smoothies, fresh fruit popsicles, and homemade berry ice cream are all fun and delicious options.

3. Visit A Kid-Friendly Museum

When you’re ready for a break from the sunshine, take the kids on an excursion to one of the area’s family-friendly museums.

At Ocean Quest in Newport Beach, young people can dive right into marine science. They’ll join in interactive experiences to learn about sailing, navigation, big sea predators, and much more.

In nearby Irvine, you’ll find Pretend City Children’s Museum, which is a whole interactive “community” designed to “build better brains by providing a rich learning environment” for small children. Kids use role-playing, interactive activities, and free exploration to discover the world around them.

Pro grandparent tip: the Los Angeles Natural History Museum is free on the first Tuesday of each month. Feast your eyes on exhibits like the Dinosaur Hall, the Insect Zoo, and the Hall of Gems and Minerals.

4. Ride A Ferris Wheel

There’s no better way to celebrate your improved vision! Try the Balboa Ferris Wheel in Newport Beach, which offers fantastic ocean views. Take in the colors of the sunset while the kids enjoy the adventure of sailing high into the sky. (The Balboa Ferris Wheel is located in the Fun Zone, where youngsters are guaranteed to find plenty of other exciting things to do as well.)

5. Enjoy An Outdoor Movie

Outdoor movies are a summertime tradition in southern California. Family audiences gather in all kinds of locations: parks, beaches, museums, and more. There are classics and new releases, sometimes with live music or other entertainment on the side. Pack a blanket and a picnic dinner and enjoy your new, improved view of the big screen.

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