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4 Activities To Look Forward To After LASIK

4 Activities To Look Forward To After LASIK

Imagine just being able to wake up and clearly focus on the alarm clock — without struggling to reach for your glasses or having to get out of bed to put in your contacts! There are so many small ways in which LASIK eye surgery can improve your life, and this is just the beginning. Following this quick and painless surgery and easy recovery period, you’ll have a whole new outlook on the activities you love and can look forward to enjoying with clear vision! 


Just ask any of the qualified eye doctors at Feinerman Vision and they’ll be sure to tell you that swimming with your contacts in is a big no-no as doing so can lead to infection. And forget about jumping into the pool for a quick dip on a hot day with your glasses on. Right now, swimming means blurry vision and a lot of squinting. But after LASIK, you’ll be ready to cannonball to your heart’s content. You’ll never have to give a second thought to where to store your glasses or worry about contacts again!


Reading is part of our daily routines for a number of tasks from reading the directions on a recipe to double checking the dosage on a prescription medication to checking your email and text messages on your smartphone. After LASIK eye surgery to correct your nearsightedness or farsightedness, you’ll breeze through the day with clear vision while looking at the computer monitor at work, reading stop signs as you commute, and curling up in bed with a good book! Just think! You’ll never have to worry about falling asleep with your glasses on or contacts in again after LASIK eye surgery! 

Enjoying Movies and Your Favorite TV Shows

Let’s face it — no 3D movie is fun with prescription eyeglasses. Neither is having to decide where to sit in the theater based on your vision needs if you do not have glasses, or having to walk out of the movie for a restroom break if your contacts get too dry. Both sitting at home on the couch to watch your favorite television shows and going out to the movies will become hassle-free and even more fun after LASIK eye surgery!

Contact Sports

You already know it’s just dangerous (and uncomfortable) to wear your glasses during contact sports such as football and basketball. Laser vision surgery can reduce your risk of a potentially serious injury to your eyes, and that’s a big relief. Over 40,000 people end up with an emergency room bill each year due to eye injuries related to sports, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. LASIK eye surgery not only reduces your risk, it can also help enhance your performance on the court or field! 

Ready for a Consultation? 

If you are considering your options and looking forward to life after LASIK, call our office to schedule your consultation at Feinerman Vision. Our highly-qualified staff is here to guide you and ready to help you meet your goals for clear vision. After LASIK, you can start enjoying your favorite activities with clear vision!  

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