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Monthly Archives: November 2017

How Much Do You Know About LASIK?

November 20th, 2017

lasik surgery Newport Beach, CA

If you are considering LASIK you are probably feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. This is totally normal! LASIK is an incredibly common procedure that can improve both your vision and quality of life. Millions of people have been thrilled with their LASIK results.

Are you one of the many patients we see who is interested in LASIK but doesn’t know that much about it? That is completely okay too. Below, we will answer some of the most common LASIK questions for you.

Question #1: Why do most people have LASIK surgery?

Most people have LASIK because they are sick and tired of wearing prescription eyewear. It is hard to fully understand the benefits of having LASIK until you have had the procedure yourself. There is an incredible freedom in waking up every day with perfectly clear vision — and all without ever having to reach for your glasses.

Question #2: How does LASIK work?

Good question! Many patients have no idea what to expect from LASIK surgery or how it all works. Your cornea is the clear front part of your eye that focuses light on the retina and allows you to see clearly. LASIK works by reshaping the cornea and fixing any vision problems.

Question #3: Will my doctor use a laser or a scalpel?

Depends on your doctor! At Feinerman Vision, we believe that blade-free LASIK is the most advanced option in LASIK surgery. With blade-free LASIK, your doctor will use a laser to create the corneal flap rather than a microkeratome.

You should do your research and discuss your options with your doctor. They can help you decide if blade-free LASIK is right for you.

Question #4: How soon will my vision improve after surgery?

This depends mostly on your age, health history, and whether there were any complications during surgery. Most patients report having improved vision either immediately following surgery or within the next day.

Question #5: How do I get started with LASIK surgery?

We were hoping you would ask this question! To get started, you will need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Feinerman in Newport Beach, CA. We will set up your LASIK consultation and determine whether or not you are a good fit for the procedure. If the appointment goes well then clear vision should be in your future!

Cataract Surgery: 5 Tips to Minimize Your Recovery Time

November 16th, 2017

how to minimize cataract surgery recovery time | Newport Beach, CA

Cataracts are a common condition that causes the eyes to become cloudy. They can happen at any age but occur more frequently in older adults. Fortunately, cataracts are rarely dangerous and early on, the side-effects can be managed with lifestyle changes and a stronger prescription.

However, your cataracts will continue to progress and at some point, cataract surgery will likely be the best option for you. Cataract surgery is an incredibly safe and painless procedure and it’s improved the lives of millions of people.

Statistically, your odds are favorable for having a good outcome and improved vision. Let’s look at five ways you can minimize your recovery time after cataract surgery:

1. Give yourself plenty of rest

Most people recover fairly quickly so it can be tempting to immediately resume your regular activities. However, take this opportunity to rest and let your eyes heal. Stay home for the first week and give your eyes a break.

2. Use eye drops

Your doctor will prescribe you eye drops to minimize your risk of infection. Make sure you follow the instruction carefully and apply them as prescribed by your doctor.

3. Avoid anything that may irritate your eyes

Infection is one of the biggest risks you face immediately following surgery. So you should avoid doing any activities that will expose your eyes to common eye irritants.

So this means you should avoid doing things like swimming or putting on eye makeup. It may be a good idea to wear protective eye shields over your eyes for the first couple of days.

4. Don’t do any driving

Your eyes may be blurry immediately following surgery but your vision should continue to improve over the following week. Many people think this means they are okay to drive but you should always err on the side of caution.

Having to rely on other people to drive you around can be annoying but safety is the most important thing. Wait until your doctor gives you the go-ahead before you begin driving again.

5. Follow up with your eye doctor

One of the most important things you can do to aid your recovery is to follow up with your eye doctor. Your eye doctor here in Newport Beach, CA will check how your eyes are healing and answer any questions you may have. Contact Feinerman Vision Center to schedule your cataract consultation today!


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