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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Common Fears about LASIK

March 30th, 2017

Most people have fears about LASIK eye surgery. Some people fear it to the extent that they won’t even consider having the surgery. The truth is that LASIK is a very common and safe procedure. However, we can understand any concerns you might have.

LASIK fears

Since most patients don’t know what to expect from LASIK, their fears are heightened simply from lack of knowledge. Sometimes the best solution to overcoming your fears is to learn more about them so you can understand what is real and what isn’t. Simply learning more and understanding what is involved in the process is enough to take away at least some, if not all, of your fears.

Listed below are some of the most common fears about LASIK:

  1. Fear of financial strain

Many patients are afraid that they simply can’t afford LASIK. LASIK does require an average investment of about $2,500 per eye but it will actually save you money in the long term on contacts and glasses. And most patients find that the long-term freedom LASIK offers is well worth the investment

  1. Fear of being awake during the procedure

Most patients are nervous at the thought of being awake during the procedure but LASIK is actually a very quick, painless process. Numbing drops will ensure that you don’t feel any pain and your doctor may give you a mild sedative to help you relax. Patients do feel a mild pressure on their eyes during the procedure but no pain.

  1. Fear of losing your eyesight

According to the FDA, there have not been any reported incidents of blindness resulting from LASIK. There is a very low risk of complications due to LASIK and it is incredibly rare for a patient’s eyesight to worsen as a result of LASIK. Any vision problems that occur after surgery can be fixed with treatment.

  1. Fear of the laser

This is a completely understandable fear as LASIK does involve contact with a laser. However, the laser only contacts each eye for a few seconds and the equipment includes a specialized eye-tracking system. That way there is no risk of error if you move your eyes because your surgeon can match the laser pulses to your eye movement.

At Feinerman Vision, we understand that everyone is unique and we will work with you to walk you through any questions and concerns you might have. Contact us today to set up a LASIK consultation at our Newport Beach office!

4 Warning Signs of Cataracts

March 14th, 2017

A cataract forms when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Cataracts are the most common type of vision loss in adults over the age of 40 and the most common cause of blindness in the world.

Many people miss the early symptoms of cataracts because they start out very small and have little effect on your vision. A cataract may make your vision seem cloudy like you are looking through a piece of glass. Listed below are the five biggest warning signs of cataracts:

Cloudy Vision

The first symptom most people notice is cloudy vision. Cataracts grow slowly so most people don’t notice the changes in their vision until the lens of your eyes become blurred.

Lens Discoloration

Many people with cataracts can see a noticeable discoloration in their eyes. Some patients will complain of a yellow or brownish tint to their eyes. When this becomes advanced it can impede normal activities, like being able to work or read.

Poor Night Vision

Many patients with cataracts are unable to drive at night because the glaring lights of oncoming cars make it too difficult for them to see.

Glares and Halos

Cataracts can lead to increased sensitivity to light so people with cataracts will often experience glares or halos from sunlight or lamps.

When cataracts symptoms first begin to appear you may be able to improve your vision by using new glasses or other visual aids. However, if your cataracts progress to the point where your vision is seriously impaired and your daily life is affected you may want to consider laser cataract surgery.

Laser cataract surgery is the most advanced option for cataract patients available today. And the benefits are enormous; it takes less than 15 minutes with a short recovery time. If you want to see if you could be a good candidate for laser cataract surgery, schedule an appointment today at our Newport Beach office!


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