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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Give Dr. Feinerman Fifteen Minutes and You will See a World of Difference

January 5th, 2015

Do you suffer from cloudy vision or glare symptoms from oncoming headlights when driving at night?? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of cataracts. Cataracts develop from a slow buildup of protein on the eye’s lens and commonly occur in people 55 years of age and older. They are  painless and can develop slowly. Many people are not even aware they have cataracts until they have major changes in their vision.

Vision is one of the most important senses, and decreased vision can affect your independence by making even the most basic tasks challenging. Driving can be significantly impaired which can lead to disastrous consequences. . Going anywhere unfamiliar could be intimidating. Now imagine yourself waking up, opening your eyes, and seeing everything around you clearly. The cloudy, dull-colored blur would be gone and the world around you would be as crisp, clear, and colorful as you once remembered it. The glare symptoms should resolve, and driving at nighttime should be a much more pleasant experience.  Don’t let cataracts creep up on you. The sooner they are detected, the sooner they can be treated; causing less inconvenience to you or those you love. The newest technology for cataract treatment is Crystalens®, an FDA-clinically-proven treatment which can give you the best range of vision, clarity, and color perception available.

What is Crystalens?

There are several types of lens. The most basic is a monofocal lens, which enables a person to see at a distance. Another option is a multifocal lens, which provides distance and near vision by using a lens shaped like a target with each range providing multiple focusing optics. The most recent development in lens technology is Crystalens®. This type of lens is flexible and works with the eye’s focusing muscles, providing the patient with a full range of near and far vision. The advantage of Crystalens® is it provides a higher quality image than multifocal lens.

Crystalens® is  implanted and functions in a similar fashion as the eye’s natural lens, which bends to allow for clarity at objects both near and far.. . Once the surgery has been completed your eyes can generally  focus on objects at near, far, and everything in between.

Crystalens Procedure

Similar to modern “no-stitch,” “no-needle” orange county cataract eye surgery, the refractive lensectomy used to implant Crystalens® is simple and allows for relatively fast healing. After a small incision is made at the edge of the cornea, the lens is vaporized and the Crystalens® is implanted. Newport Beach Doctor Gregg Feinerman usually completes the surgery without stitches and in about 10 to15 minutes.

The recovery period is usually short. After receiving Crystalens®  implants, most Orange County residents are able to pursue normal activities almost immediately after surgery. Patients will have a follow-up visit scheduled with Orange County Ophthalmologist Dr. Feinerman to evaluate the success of the surgery. If ideal focus has not been achieved, there are two possible solutions. Either a new lens may be implanted, or LASIK may be used to fine-tune the focus.

Patients can expect that their Crystalens® implants will immediately improve the quality of their lives. They will experience far greater focus while doing such things as driving, watching TV, reading newspapers and recipes, sewing, and putting on makeup. After undergoing Crystalens® presbyopia treatment, most Newport Beach-area patients report decreased dependency on glasses and contacts!

Benefits of Crystalens

The following trial was conducted by the FDA to show some the benefits of using Crystalens:

FDA Clinical Trial Information:

  • 100% could see intermediate (24″ to 30″) without glasses, the distance for most of life’s activities
  • 98.4% of patients implanted with Crystalens® in both eyes could pass a driver’s test without glasses
  • Some patients did require glasses for some tasks after implantation of Crystalens®
  • 98.4% could see well enough to read the newspaper and the phone book without glasses.
  • Significantly more patients implanted with Crystalens® (88.4%) could see better at all distances then patients implanted with a standard IOL (35.9%)

To find out if you are at risk for developing cataracts, or to learn more about Crystalens®, contact Feinerman Vision Center for a comprehensive ophthalmic exam. Their ophthalmologists are some of the best in the country, with the experience and expertise to help you achieve your optimal vision and eye health. With the help of Crystalens®, you can maintain your vision, your independence, and do all those things you’ve wanted to without missing a beat.

Dr. Gregg Feinerman is one of the top cataract surgeons in the country, and he is located in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Feinerman has been in practice since 1999, and founded Feinerman Vision Center in 2001. Doctor Feinerman is board certified as an ophthalmologist by the American Board of Surgeons, and has served as Chairman of Ophthalmology at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian—a magnet hospital that is one of the finest in the country. He is proficient in the most advanced methods of cataract surgery, and has certification in the Crystalens® IOL Vision Enhancement System. He has performed several thousand successful Crystalens® implants. In 2010, Bausch & Lomb presented him with the Crystalens® Millennium Society Award in recognition of surgeons who implanted more than 1,000 successful Crystalens® implants. In fact, Dr. Feinerman is one of the top five surgeons implanting Crystalens® in the USA.


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