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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Why Choose VISIAN ICL?

December 2nd, 2013

Over the past two decades the field of refractive eye surgery has expanded dramatically, providing people with many more choices of visual correction.  Patients who seek to reduce their dependence on glasses or contacts have several more options; however, it’s important to discern which option is the most appropriate fit for the individual.  Your ophthalmologist (eye MD) is the most qualified to guide and advise you which surgery is best for your particular situation.

Typically, LASIK is the most popular choice for corneal refractive surgery and was approved for use in theUnited Statesin the 1990’s.  LASIK is generally recommended for patients with astigmatism, or who are nearsighted or farsighted.  However, not everybody is an ideal candidate for LASIK.  If you have certain medical conditions or your corneas are too thin, there was little hope of a life without glasses or contacts before recent technological advances in refractive eye surgery.

Now, people seeking clear vision may be a candidate for the Visian ICL at FeinermanVisionCenterin OrangeCounty.  Dr. Gregg Feinerman, world-renowned eye surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, is among the first in the nation to perform the phakic IOL (the medical term for Visian ICL®) procedure.  Approved by the FDA in 2005, the procedure involves surgically inserting a special contact lens inside the eye to offer patients, who were not previously suitable for Orange County LASIK, excellent vision.

The Visian ICL is an implantable lens that is made of collamer, an  advanced material which transmits light and reduces reflections, glare, halos, and comprised night vision.  Collamer is a soft, flexible material that contains collagen, making it very biocompatible within the eye.

The Visian ICL is beneficial because your natural lens is retained and works with the new, implanted lens to improve vision.  Once inserted, it stays inside the eye and continues to focus light accurately.  While Visian ICL can correct your vision permanently, it can be removed or replaced in the unlikely event of unfavorable side effects.  Unlike contact lenses, the Visian ICL requires no maintenance or cleaning.  It is transparent and cannot be seen without a microscope.  LASIK eye surgery differs from Visian ICL in that LASIK involves a laser and the removal of eye tissue.  No reshaping or removing of cornea tissue is performed during the Visian ICL surgery.

Dr. Feinerman inserts the Visian ICL in the cornea with such a small incision that sutures are usually not necessary. The procedure takes only 15 to 30 minutes for each eye and only requires topical anesthesia (numbing eye drops). Typically, patients can see clearly within a few hours after the procedure.

The Visian ICL provides better quality of vision than LASIK for people with high eyeglass prescriptions (“coke bottle glasses”). It helps people maintain fuller, more satisfied lives without glasses or contacts.  By expanding the range of vision correction with the Visian ICL, Dr. Feinerman has made significant breakthroughs for his patients that were previously not candidates for traditional LASIK.

Patients such as Michelle Wagoner share her experience with the Visian ICL and Dr. Gregg Feinerman:

“Dr. Feinerman is by far, hands down the BEST in the business!!! From the minute you arrive, the staff knows you by name and makes you feel more than welcome. Dr. Feinerman is very personable, knowledgeable and entertaining. He does everything to make you feel informed and comfortable with whatever procedure you might be considering. I was not a candidate for LASIK which devastated me, however, Dr. Feinerman told me of a procedure called ICL. I was a little nervous about an actual surgery to my eyes, but he informed me of every specific detail as well as answered all my questions in depth, helping me in my decision to proceed with the ICL. Going from not being able to see my hand in front of my face without corrective lenses, to waking up with almost 20/20 vision has been life changing. I have been so impressed with how amazing my results have been, as well as how flexible the doctor and his staff were to accommodate my out of town schedule. I have since sent multiple family members to him to get their LASIK done, and I absolutely recommend Dr. Feinerman to ANYONE looking for the best to care for their eyes!!”

As with Michelle’s experience, it is no wonder that Visian ICL is the next generation of vision technology.  It provides patients that are not candidates for LASIK the benefits and ease of a new lifestyle without glasses or contacts.  The Visian ICL has proved to be a stable, consistent alternative for LASIK with vision that is sharper, clearer, and more vivid than ever before.

Dr. Feinerman is committed to providing innovative technology and the highest quality to his patients.  He is excited about the opportunity to give his patients a wide array of vision correction surgery choices and better management over their vision correct treatment.  Visian ICL offers Dr. Feinerman’s patients hope for a life of freedom from vision impairments and freedom from glasses and the inconvenient maintenance of contacts.


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