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Monthly Archives: June 2012

APAO Sydney, Australia Conference 2011

June 29th, 2012
A brief interview on the overview of Dr. Feinerman and his Crystalens AO Lecture.

Q: Dr. Feinerman, What was your overall experience at the Crystalens Conference?
Dr. Feinerman: I had to great opportunity to teach Crystalens surgery to doctors in Australia. This was an advanced course for doctors to improve their technique and procedure. I was very honored to share my procedure to other doctors. They were impressed.

Q: What were the reactions of doctors from this Crystalens technique?
Dr. Feinerman: I had doctors come up to me and say, “I never saw this kind of lens inserted through such a small incision, and so neatly.” It’s really great to get feedback from my colleagues.

Q: What was the best part of your Sydney trip?
Dr. Feinerman: I would say the best part is just being able to get a different perspective from Australian doctors, especially those that are well known in ophthalmology. It’s such a rewarding experience and honor to interact with them. I have learned much from them too at earlier times, and it was great to see that I was able to share this Crystalens procedure with them. I just had an amazing time!

In addition, Dr. Feinerman got to go sight-seeing in Sydney as well. He visited the Opera House and saw a play. Tasted food from many famous restaurants, and played golf with his buddies. Overall, Dr. Feinerman was able to enjoy the location along with successfully conveying his Crystalens procedure. What a great opportunity!

5 steps in preparing for Lasik Eye Surgery – How to reduce risks and find the most cost-effective methods

June 29th, 2012

Lasik Eye Surgery is a procedure which can help you improve your eyesight dramatically. Due to continuous technology upgrades, the Lasik eye surgery has become less risky and more popular.

Many people who had successful Lasik surgeries have reduced their dependability on glasses or, in some cases – have eliminated the need for glasses and contacts entirely, helping them improve their lives dramatically.

However, the Lasik eye surgery (as any other surgery) is very important because there are risks involved. Anyone interested in Lasik eye surgery or corrective eye surgery should do their homework and prepare in order to obtain the best results.

Following are the main 5 steps to use as a guideline when preparing for Lasik Eye Surgery:

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Crystalens – a revolutionary intraocular lens for presbyopia and cataracts

June 29th, 2012

Crystalens eye surgery is the most common procedure for presbyopia and cataracts. This new and improved intraocular lens (IOL) is helping patients with presbyopia and cataracts see better, in many cases without the aid of glasses.

The process of aging causes the natural lens within our eyes to lose flexibility, which results in the inability to see things close. This is called presbyopia.

Because Crystalens has the ability to flex when the eye muscles contract and relax, it enables a person to see much better both at close distances and far distances.

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Cataract Surgery Facts

June 29th, 2012

Here are some facts about cataract surgery that you should know.

Symptoms of cataracts

Cataracts usually occur in older people due to age, but there may be other causes, too such as trauma, congenital factors, and more.

The process of developing cataracts is slow and it is defined by gradual loss of vision, taking many years before it fully develops.

The lens covering the retina becomes cloudy and covered with a mass of protein, not allowing light to pass through it. Symptoms of cataracts are blurred vision, faded colors, glare and more.

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Lasik Eye Surgery – Your Questions Answered

June 29th, 2012

Dr. Gregg Feinerman M.D. has been performing thousands of successful and safe Lasik eye surgery procedures since 2001. Dr. Feinerman is using the latest equipment in eye surgery technology – ensuring that the safest and most successful methods are always used for the best results.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Lasik Eye surgery and Lasik Eye Surgery alternatives.

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