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Monthly Archives: March 2011


March 3rd, 2011

From her own words, she expresses her excitement & gratitude.

Hello! I just got the phone call confirming that I have WON the contest you had going on Facebook. I have won the Grand Prize of a FREE LASIK procedure!! I am BEYOND excited.

My name is Tracy, and I am 41 years old. I got my first pair of eyeglasses in 4th grade. I could not believe what I was seeing! I am sure I needed glasses way before this, but it was not discovered until 4th grade. I didn’t know that I couldn’t see, I thought it was how everybody saw. Until I got the glasses. I couldn’t believe all of the individual leaves on the trees, and just everything around me was amazing! I went through several pair of glasses through grade school, as my prescription continually got worse year after year. My glasses were very heavy, and big and bulky. Even though I never really got teased very much, I did not like them AT ALL!!
When I started High School, I talked my mom and dad into getting me some contact lenses. My father was very against it, but he gave in. That was in 1985, and I got one pair of daily wear soft lenses. LOVED THEM! I loved them so much that I slept with them in (BIG NO-NO)!! Then I started to get a terrible infection in my eyes. They were so red and BURNING and irritated. Come to find out I was allergic to the thimerisol that was in the solution I used. It was back to glasses so my eyes could heal.

Several doctors have told me over the years that I am a perfect candidate for Lasik. It has been a dream of mine since I can remember. I cannot even imagine waking up in the morning and opening my eyes and being able to SEE! I sleep with my glasses under my pillow. Ha Ha Ha. I ALWAYS have on either my glasses or contacts. It is such a hassle and just overall depressing everyday to be dependent on them. Always worrying if they are going to break, or get lost, or whatever. Just a daily struggle.

I saw the contest on Facebook, and hesitated in entering because I thought it was some kind of scam. I finally said, what the heck, it could be real! This could be my opportunity for a DREAM COME TRUE! When all of my childhood friends started voting for me, and sending me comments and messages, it just touched my heart that they cared so much about me and my eyesight after all of these years. The votes were rolling in, and I could not even believe when I took the lead, and WON THE CONTEST!

I waited about 20 minutes (after dancing around the kitchen), and I found the Feinerman Vision website, and called the number! Office was closed, it was after 5pm!! I couldn’t sleep well last night. I kept thinking, could this really be true??  I woke up this morning, and called the Office again. I explained to the lady who answered that I had entered the contest on Facebook, and I thought I had won! Cindy must have heard the excitement in my voice when she confirmed that yes, she was aware of a contest, but she did not know all of the exact details. Cindy was so nice and polite and I know I was rambling on and on to her. She said I sounded so cute..I just kept saying,”I WON I WON!”  Whoo-Hoo!  Cindy told me that the Lasik Coordinator would be calling me back shortly to talk about it. Sure enough, 15 minutes later the phone rang! It was Kim! She was also very polite, and kind. However, she told me that all of the votes had to be counted and looked over to make sure that everything was legitimate, and fair with the voting. She said thank you for entering the contest, another lady will be calling you back to let you know if you won or not. It was a long three hours, then my phone rang. I answered, and the lady on the other end said “I am calling to CONGRATULATE YOU FOR WINNING THE CONTEST!”  WoW!  I have never been so excited, happy in my life!!

I cannot express the JOY I feel in my heart right now. I am beyond excited, and this is going to be my DREAM COME TRUE! I cannot wait to meet Dr. Feinerman!! I have looked over the website, and also read several reviews on Yelp about Dr. and his staff. I feel so comfortable and at ease about having this Lasik done. I have been waiting for this day for years and I cannot believe it is actually going to happen. I have been blessed in so many ways. I am so anxious to have the procedure done, and I bet I could make a GREAT commercial afterward. LOL!!

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for this awesome opportunity! Looking forward to meeting you all!
Thank you so much,
Tracy Hagen


March 2nd, 2011

Dr. Feinerman is now performing cataract surgery in 3D. What this means is like in IMAX movies, such as Avatar, Dr. Feinerman operates on a patient’s eyes in 3D. This newer technology provides surgeons with better visualization and more accurate placement of the lens implant.

He uses this new 3D technology as a way to teach surgeons all over the world and to demonstrate his latest techniques to other surgeons as if they were actually in surgery. Dr. Feinerman is also a clinical professor at the UCI. This device allows his surgery residents to see his stereo view so they can learn to perform surgery better.

Feinerman Vision Center works with TrueVision, a manufacturer of this new surgical technology and system to better perform cataract surgery. TrueVision® 3D Visualization System is a stereoscopic high-definition visualization system that displays the surgical field of view in real-time on a 3D flat-panel display in the operating room.  The technology enables surgeons to operate in a “heads up” manner by viewing a large screen instead of traditional microscope oculars, providing an ergonomic and immersive visualization experience for the surgeon and other observers.

Computer-aided 3D guidance software has been developed for the surgical visualization platform to improve surgical efficiencies and patient outcomes.  The first application is the TrueVision® Refractive Cataract Toolset™.  The system is also used for recording and playback of 3D surgical video for educational purposes, as well as on-demand and streaming 3D surgical video content for medical meetings.

How Crystalens HD surgery dramatically improved my life!

Interview with Cathy Cohen, a patient of Feinerman Vision Center, 52 yrs. of age, Irvine, CA.

FVC: “Cathy, at what age did you receive the Crystalens procedure and what was the condition of your eyes at the time?”
CC: “I was 49 when I got the procedure done and I had a lot of problems with blurriness, farsightedness, and especially with nightvision.”
FVC: “How did the procedure go? What was your experience like?”
CC: “I did the procedure without sedation; they only numbed my eye. It was not painful or scary the way I had thought it’d be. The surgery took about 20 min in duration but with the before and after preparations, it is about 1 hour. It went really fast.”
FVC: “Since the Crystalens HD surgery, how are your eyes now?”
CC: “My vision is good instantly! I am able to be more active outdoors. When I pickup my teenagers at night, I do not see lights or halos anymore. I can see the clock in my kitchen clearly now. Even when I dine out in restaurants, I do not have to ask friends to pass around eye glasses to read the menu. There are no more restrictions on my eyesight! My lifestyle has completely changed! Thank you!”

Feiner Sight E-Newsletter – Mar/Apr 2011

March 1st, 2011

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Here’s a preview for the Mar. 2011 Quarterly E-newsletter.

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