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Monthly Archives: January 2011

What is Good Eye Health?

January 3rd, 2011

We rarely think about our eyes when it comes to check- ing our overall health. Having good vision everyday is usually taken for granted and easily overlooked. We eat right, exercise, get the flu shot, and complete our annual check-ups from the family doctor, but, many forget about the eyes which require careful attention until it gets too late!

Getting eye exams every year is a very integral part of maintaining a healthy life. The eye doctor, known as an ophthalmologist, can check for health problems by looking into the eyes.

The most common eye problems are nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and cataracts. Nearsight- edness, is when objects are blurry at distance and one would wear glasses or contact lens to make those objects come into focus. Farsightedness is when objects are blurry up close and one may need to wear reading glasses to clear up vision for near. Astigmatism is when objects both near and far are blurry. One would need to wear glasses or contacts to make the vision clearer. Alternatively, those people with these eye problems can get laser vision correction so that they can get rid of their glasses or contacts.

Cataracts is when the natural lens inside the eye gets cloudy and makes your vision foggy. Cataracts can cause glare around headlights making difficult for people to drive. Wearing glasses or contacts may not improve your vision from cataracts. Cataracts begin to develop when people are in their mid-40s, but the vision may not be affected until their 60s. A fifteen minute out patient procedure, called cataract surgery, performed by an ophthalmologist can be done to remove the cataract. It is a safe, effective way to improve vision from cataracts.

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Crystalens AO Cataracts Be Gone!

January 2nd, 2011

Crystalens AO is the first and only FDA-approved accommodating intraocular lens that can correct near, far and  “intermediate” or computer reading vision without glasses. AO is the latest crystalens, which can potentially improve night vision better than other lens implants.

Crystalens AO uses the natural focusing ability of the eye. It enables the eye to focus continuously and seamlessly through a range of distances. Most patients have continued to report excellent vision 7 years after implan- tation with Crystalens. More than 200,000 Crystalens have been implanted worldwide, and that number is growing daily.

The bottom line is that the Crystalens AO provides even better near vision than earlier generations of Crystalens.  Patients who choose the Crystalens AO will have a greater likelihood of being able to see near, mid-range, and far without glasses than before.
Source: Crystalens.com

Feiner Sight E-Newsletter – Jan 2011

January 1st, 2011

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