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Orange County LASIK expert Gregg Feinerman, M.D. has recently implemented the Bausch and Lomb Zyoptix 217z100 excimer laser into his Newport Beach practice. This particular excimer laser is one of the leading flying spot lasers available to eye surgeons. Because Dr. Feinerman is committed to excellence in ophthalmology and the best possible LASIK outcomes he has added this critical piece of equipment to his practice. This new flying spot technology permits large treatment regions of the cornea with precision and accuracy. The Bausch and Lomb 217z100 excimer laser is also capable of treating very large diameter areas of the cornea, blending the transition between treated and non-treated cornea very smoothly. This helps increase the quality of vision and reduce the risk of glare and halos after treatment. During FDA clinical trials, the Technolas Zyoptix 217z100 excimer laser has produced results that greatly exceeded FDA’s benchmarks for clinical safety as well as the clinical outcomes of other lasers on the market. Dr. Feinerman is very pleased to be able to offer his patients this latest eye surgery laser technology.

Many eye surgeons from around the country that participated in the FDA clinical studies has evidenced that this excimer laser is much faster than previous versions. The laser has undoubtedly exceeded expectations as more predictable and accurate results have been obtained.


  • Time to perform – only 15 seconds to perform a -3.00D LASIK surgery.
  • Flap exposure time – has been decreased. (reduces certain risks)
  • Patients see better faster – immediate post-operative vision results occur faster.

Are you seeking an Orange County LASIK expert? If so, please be sure to contact the offices of Dr. Gregg Feinerman M.D., located in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Feinerman is a board certified ophthalmologist with vast experience in refractive surgery, cataract surgery and treatment of various eye diseases. Call us today for a comprehensive eye care evaluation that can determine your candidacy for LASIK eye surgery or other vision correction options available. At Feinerman Vision we are more than just a LASIK practice but a practice dedicated to vision correction spanning laser vision correction to lens implants. If you require any additional information regarding the new Technolas Zyoptix 217z100 please fee free to call us directly. Our dedication to technology can be evidenced throughout your experience with our practice. If you are seeking a high quality alternative to vision correction be sure to contact us for an evaluation.

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