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How LASIK Benefits You

How LASIK Benefits You!

Do you wake up every morning in a blur, unable to see your alarm clock? What if there was an emergency and you had to leave quickly? Would you be fumbling for a pair of glasses? Maybe you can see across the room, but have trouble focusing on something in your hand. Perhaps you find yourself panicking at a restaurant because you forgot your reading glasses and can’t see what’s on the menu. If any of these scenarios sounds familiar to you, then you’ll probably want to read up on LASIK surgery.

LASIK Southern CaliforniaLASIK, short for laser-assisted in situ keratomleusis, is one of the safest and most popular refractive surgeries performed in the USA. It’s often used to treat conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In nearsightedness, light coming through the eye is focused in front of the retina; and in farsightedness light is focused behind the retina. LASIK re-shapes the eye so that the light coming through focuses properly on the retina. During LASIK surgery, micron amounts of corneal tissue are removed creating dramatic improvements in your vision.

LASIK takes only around 15 minutes to complete, and eyes heal quickly after the procedure. Although vision might be a little blurry immediately after surgery, vision greatly improves after a few hours. Usually people have mild tearing for a few hours after the procedure, which resolves in 3 to 4 hours. Dr. Feinerman recommends a 3 hour nap after surgery so his patients can sleep through the short healing phase. After their short nap patients generally report their vision is excellent.

LASIK California The main benefit of LASIK surgery is decreased dependence on glasses and contact lenses. If you are young and nearsighted, LASIK should keep you out of glasses and contacts until your mid 40s. Eyeglasses can be inconvenient, depriving you of peripheral vision and making it hard to wear sunglasses—many of which don’t have prescription lenses. Contact lenses need daily cleaning and can usually only be worn for several hours each day before they start to dry out and irritate the eyes. Contact lenses are not without risk either. For example, did you know that people who sleep in contact lenses are 20 times more likely to develop an infection on their cornea? Even people who don't sleep in their contacts can develop sight threatening corneal ulcers!

LASIK gives you the potential to wake up and see clearly without blindly reaching for a pair of glasses. LASIK also removes the safety concern and hassles of contact lenses.

After LASIK surgery, most people can resume their exercise routine and other physical activities within a few days. Swimmers can look forward to not worrying about breaking or misplacing their glasses, swimming with blurry vision, or losing their contact lenses in the water. Think of all the money you’ll save not having to constantly buy contact lens cleaner for daily cleaning or having to replace the lenses weekly or even monthly. You also won’t have to invest in a new pair of glasses and frames every couple of years! The stability and quality of vision that LASIK can give you more than pays for the procedure both in terms of the money and time you’ll save in the long run.

LASIK can also improve your quality of life. Most people now know how important physical activity is and want to be outdoors—especially during the summer. Activities like camping often take people away from modern amenities. This can be hard on those who depend on corrective lenses for clear vision. Keeping contact lenses sterile in a place with no running water can be very difficult. Improper cleaning could lead to irritation or infection of the eyes. Even if you don’t leave the comforts of home, an active day out can be inconvenient for those who need corrective lenses. While participating in sports, eyeglasses can get knocked off or damaged. Contact lenses can get displaced or dry out—causing pain and discomfort. With LASIK, you may be free to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity without having to worry about discomfort or damaging the corrective lenses you need for adequate sight.

It's time for you to start living a more carefree and active life now. Call Feinerman Vision Center for a LASIK evaluation. Dr. Feinerman will be happy to discuss the risks and benefits of LASIK with you. Take that first step toward experiencing a happier lifestyle!

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